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          ShenZhen HC Brain Power Electronic Co.,Ltd,( )   with high and new technology,is a profession to be engaged in the  development,design and selling of products of wireless AV transmitter,receiver..Part of products that our corporation designed and developed,have become the frist improtant choice of numerous engineering company in local in the wireless transmitter receiver and FPV domain. The products of our company,have selled to middle east,South America,North Europe and part of regions of North America and Middle-Europe.Our company has strong technique actual strength.the technology contained in the products have very big advantage in associate all long,praticularly is 12 channel points receive machine and 12 spectrum points blast-off machine,which having been in the lead position in Asia area. Development department of company have devoted itself to recommending,digesting and absorbing the excellment and advanced technology that come from abroad,and it has already provided the wireless AV datedelivering part of"unmanned scout"and single soldier do battle system "for a certain troops of Chinese People "Liberation Army,moreover,it is the OEM supplier of several large electronics manufacturers in local.

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